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Tallers Oberts del Poblenou 2019

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dijous, setembre 12, 2019 - 10:00 a diumenge, setembre 15, 2019 - 20:00
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Tallers Oberts del Poblenou are a festival in which the artistic spaces of the neighborhood open their doors to the general and specialize public during a weekend in September. They offer a schedule of activities so that the visitors can know the work of the artists and the neighborhood.

More than twenty centers fill up the poster of proposals during the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of September, coinciding with the Poblenou Festival, a symbolic act of neighborhood love and resistance. The Poblenou Open Workshops are a set of artistic actions rooted in the territory, to create a common story. The participating art centers work from close proximity and constant exchange from their different creative nuclei. Industrial art, music, visual arts, visual arts, design, dance, critical thinking, research and technology at the service of art are disciplines that take place at the Poblenou Open Workshops and draw a line horizontal and collaborative stable, important and powerful for the neighborhood and for the city, with international connections.


The 23rd edition of the Open Workshops of Poblenou has the participation of a total of 24 creative spaces and more than 150 artists, between stable residents and invited artists, representing more than 15 different artistic disciplines. The spaces of the neighborhood that open their doors this year to the public are:

La ventana (visual arts) | Dada Dance school (dance) | Art Corner (plastic arts) | Katia Muñoz ArtStudio (visual arts) | ZONA Factoria d'art (plastic arts) | Art Gallery Chez Xefo (art gallery) | Produkt Burô (design and production) | Lo rap penat (visual arts) | Quadrat 9 (plastic arts) | Txtarte (set design and decoration) | Kind Of Cyan (cyanotherapy) | Can Tiana (plastic arts) | Gabriel Schmitz (plastic arts) | La Lope (ceramics) | 137º Ceramic Art Studio (ceramics) | Espai Subirachs (plastic arts) | RED café cultural (literature, plastic arts, music and gastronomy) | Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies (visual and plastic arts) | Hangar.org (visual arts) | El pez rojo (plastic arts) | NauART (visual and plastic arts and art gallery) | Espronceda 164 (plastic arts and crafts) | La Escocesa (visual and plastic arts) | LaBonita (creation and training)


As a tradition, the participating spaces not only open their doors to the general public and specialized during a weekend in September, but also offer a wide range of cultural and participatory activities so that visitors can know the The work of artists and artists in a more profound and near way. The activities include practical workshops, exhibitions and presentations of works, live music, DJ parties, screenings and guided tours, among others. The activities are aimed at all audiences and there are some especially suitable for children. You can find all the details in the program.

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TOP2019 is launching this summer with a new look made by Belén Soto and based on the logo of TOP designed by the visual artist Julia Clay. The official promotion video of TOP2019 has been made by Jaime García Ocaña


Head of Press and Community Management

Rocio Campaña: comunicacio@tallersobertspoblenou.org


Belén Soto: hola@tallersobertspoblenou.org